Bed Backdrop

Pink Backdrop

Brown/Wood Background

Cream Background

Fall Backdrop

Purple /Green Backdrop


Shirt/Short Set

Yellow or Green Overalls

Grey Overalls

Blue Or Gold Cake Smash Set

Felt Prop - Basketball

One Balloon


Fall Banner

Buffalo Plaid Banner

Felt Prop - Baseball

Basket C

Feather Layer

White Wood Bed

Different Floral Options available

Coral, Teal & White Banner

Felt Prop - Football

Basket B

Newborn -

Cream Onesie

(no buttons)

Newborn -

Blue Overalls

Newborn -

Grey/ White

Pant & Hat Set

Newborn -

Brown Sleepy Cap

Newborn -

Oversized Sleepy Cap

Newborn -

Tan Teddy Cap

Newborn -

Grey Teddy Cap

Newborn -

White/Brown Teddy Cap


Newborn -

Top Hat

Garden Backdrop

Pink & Greenery Back drop

Grey Wall Backdrop

Floral / Wood

Cream/Greenery Backdrop

Light Blue Backdrop

Blue Plaid Jean Overall Set

White / Khaki Set

Blue Plaid Cake Smash Set

Fall Cake Smash Set

Dino Cake Smash Set

Pink # 1

Ice Cream Cones

Pink & White Pom Pom Banner

Blue ONE Banner

Felt Prop - Roses

White Wagon

Wood Chair

Wood Bed

Basket A

Pink & Gold Banner

Felt Prop - Glasses

Newborn -

White Onesie

Newborn -

Blue Onesie

Newborn -

Grey Onesie

Newborn -

Cream Blue Set

Newborn -

White Bunny Hat

(Pairs with White onesie)

Newborn -

Grey Sleepy Cap

Newborn -

Brown Teddy Cap

Newborn -

Tan Sac

(Pairs with Teddy Cap)

Newborn -

Gold Crown

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© 2015 by Stephanie Amabile